April 21, 2023


Dimitri Jourde is a name that many people may not be familiar with. However, this French entrepreneur has built a remarkable net worth that has put him in the spotlight. Born and raised in France, Jourde had a passion for business and entrepreneurship from a young age. Today, his net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, and he is considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. In this blog post, we will unveil the story behind Jourde’s net worth, how he built his fortune, and what lessons we can learn from his journey.

The beginning of Jourde’s entrepreneurial journey

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Jourde’s entrepreneurial journey began when he was in college. He started by creating a website that sold high-end fashion products and luxury cars. His website was an instant hit, and he soon started getting orders from all over the world. Jourde realized that he had found his calling, and he decided to drop out of college and focus on his business full-time.

The creation of his first company

Jourde’s success with his website led him to create his first company, Odiso, which was an e-commerce platform for luxury products. The company quickly became popular among wealthy clients, and Jourde’s net worth skyrocketed. Odiso was eventually acquired by LVMH, a French luxury goods conglomerate, for an undisclosed amount.

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The launch of his second company

After the success of Odiso, Jourde launched his second company, Shopmium. Shopmium is a mobile app that offers shoppers exclusive discounts and deals on products. The app quickly gained popularity, and it was acquired by Quotient Technology for $42.5 million.

Jourde’s investment ventures

In addition to his successful companies, Jourde is also an active investor. He has invested in several startup companies in various industries, including the food and beverage industry and the technology industry. Jourde’s investments have been successful, and he has made a considerable profit from them.

Lessons we can learn from Jourde’s journey

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Jourde’s success story teaches us several important lessons. One of the most significant lessons is the importance of taking risks. Jourde dropped out of college to focus on his business, a risk that paid off in the end. Additionally, Jourde’s success shows us that it’s okay to fail. Jourde had several failed attempts before creating his successful companies. Finally, Jourde’s journey reinforces the importance of hard work and determination. Building a successful business requires dedication and persistence.


Q1. What is Dimitri Jourde’s net worth?

A1. Dimitri Jourde’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

Q2. What is Odiso?

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A2. Odiso was an e-commerce platform for luxury products created by Dimitri Jourde.

Q3. What is Shopmium?

A3. Shopmium is a mobile app that offers shoppers exclusive discounts and deals on products created by Dimitri Jourde.

Q4. What industries has Jourde invested in?

A4. Jourde has invested in various industries, including the food and beverage industry and the technology industry.

Q5. What lessons can we learn from Jourde’s journey?

A5. We can learn several important lessons from Jourde’s journey, including the importance of taking risks, the acceptance of failure, and the significance of hard work and determination.

Q6. What is Quotient Technology?

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A6. Quotient Technology is a Californian e-commerce corporation that acquired Shopmium, created by Dimitri Jourde.

Q7. What is LVMH?

A7. LVMH is a French luxury goods conglomerate that acquired Odiso, created by Dimitri Jourde.


Dimitri Jourde’s entrepreneurial journey is a story of risk-taking, hard work, and success. Jourde’s net worth is a reflection of his dedication and persistence in the business world. His story teaches us important lessons on the risks, failures, and hard work required to succeed in the business world. Jourde’s net worth may be impressive, but it is his journey that is truly remarkable.


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