June 1, 2022

Toothache is among the most hurting pains. There can be multiple reasons why you have a toothache. The worst thing about this pain is that it doesn’t come alone. Along with toothache, headache is common. You feel dizzy and confused. Eating habits get disturbed and even in some cases, you stay silent – lose communication. What is the best intervention to manage toothache? Staying quiet, and hungry will solve the issue? No, you need to take some healthy steps. Generally, when you feel pain anywhere in your body, you take an analgesic. In the case of toothache, it is not always beneficial. Some people prefer applying the numbing gel, but let’s see what are other options to consider. Home remedies are more effective in this situation. What are these? Let’s discuss them in detail.

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Home remedies for toothache


Dentist treatments may be costly and you may think of home remedies for toothache management. It is fair not to visit clinics for every issue if you can’t afford it. Other than analgesics, following home remedies are effective and safe against toothache.


1.   Saltwater mouthwash


Using saltwater to wash the oral cavity is effective in losing debris, cleaning out an infection, and offering short-term pain relief. How to try this remedy? Take a saline solution (salt + water). Pour it into your mouth and swish for half a minute. Split out. Do this twice a day.

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2.   Heat or cold therapy


Whether you use hot packs or cold packs, the result is the same – pain relief. Moreover, using cold packs also helps reduce swelling. For making hot packs at home, take a sock and fill in rice. Tie the knot at one end. Put this sock in the oven and heat it. You should be careful, as it should not be heated too much. For making a cold pack, there are multiple options. The easiest way is to use a frozen pea bag or frozen corn bag.


3.   Acupressure


Short-term toothache relief can also be achieved from acupressure. It helps as it triggers endorphins release. If you have some knowledge of acupuncture, then you likely know about the points associated with toothache and jaw pain. If you want to get relief using the acupressure technique, do some research so you can achieve better results.

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4.   Peppermint Tea Bags


Peppermint has a number of benefits in helping pain relief. It can cause numbness the same as cloves offer. It is a safe practice to use peppermint tea bags. However, it provides short-term relief and is more effective when used colder.


Take Away!


The above-explained remedies are effective and safe to use. You should do your research if you plan to use any other remedy that is not mentioned in the blog. Home remedies should only be used when you are sure and it is evident that they are safe to use. If you ever used any other effective remedy, share it in the comment. Clove oil, hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, and high analgesic use are not recommended as they are not safe to use.

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