April 17, 2023


YouTube has given birth to a new generation of stars, and Alicia Juan is one of them. Like many other online influencers, she has made a fortune by creating and sharing videos that people love. But behind the glitz and glamour, how much is Alicia Juan worth, and how did she achieve her success?

Alicia Juan – A YouTube star

Born in 1993, Alicia Juan is a YouTube sensation who rose to fame with her videos about makeup tutorials, fashion, and lifestyle. She is of Korean and Spanish descent and is fluent in both languages. With over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, she has become one of the most recognizable faces in the social media world.

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The Surprising Net Worth of Alicia Juan

Many people are curious about how much money Alicia Juan has made from being a YouTuber. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has an estimated net worth of $10 million. It is surprising that a young social media influencer like Alicia has achieved such a massive net worth.

How Alicia Juan Earned Millions

So, how exactly did Alicia Juan earn such a staggering amount of money? Well, let’s explore some factors that contributed to her financial success:

Social media sponsorships and partnerships

Alicia Juan is a popular name in the social media industry, and many brands are eager to sponsor her. She partners with various beauty and fashion brands, promoting their products through advertisements and sponsored videos. These sponsored posts are a significant source of income for her.

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YouTube Ad Revenue

As a YouTuber, Alicia Juan earns money through the platform’s ad revenue system. Every time someone views or clicks on an ad that appears on her videos, she receives a portion of the revenue generated by those ads.

Merchandise Sales

Like many other famous YouTubers, Alicia Juan has also entered the world of merchandising. She has her clothing line, which features unique designs and items that her followers can purchase.

Book Deals

Alicia Juan has written some books about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, which have garnered massive attention from her followers. Her fans love her content and are always eager to buy her books, which has helped her build a significant income from these deals.

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1. What is Alicia Juan’s net worth?

Alicia Juan’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

2. How did Alicia Juan become famous?

Alicia Juan became famous by creating and sharing videos about makeup, fashion, and lifestyle on her YouTube channel.

3. How does Alicia Juan earn money?

Alicia Juan earns money through sponsorships, YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and book deals.

4. What brands has Alicia Juan worked with?

Alicia Juan has worked with many brands, including Dior, Sephora, Fenty, Chanel, and Revolve.

5. What inspired Alicia Juan to start creating videos?

Alicia Juan was inspired by her love for makeup and fashion, which pushed her to start creating videos and sharing her knowledge with her followers.

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6. How many subscribers does Alicia Juan have on YouTube?

Alicia Juan has over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

7. What tips does Alicia Juan have for aspiring YouTubers?

Alicia Juan advises aspiring YouTubers to stay true to themselves, create their content consistently, and engage with their audience.


Alicia Juan’s journey to success shows that anyone can achieve their dreams by following their passion and working hard. She has proved that being an online influencer is not only fun and exciting, but it can also be financially rewarding. For those who aspire to be like Alicia Juan, remember that success requires dedication, hard work, and creativity.

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